The Tali Corps are a fully functional mobile unit capable of being installed anywhere at any time to perform any mission that can be performed within their abilities.

Akin to a starship crew without a starship, the Tali Corps are a small, select group of Starfleet Intelligence-picked officers who are able to complete tough missions in less than ideal environments. The Tali Corps are made out of experts who are highly versatile and adaptable.

We are ready to change gears, terrains, vessels, weapons, and anything else at a moment's notice. Join our story and be a part of Starfleet's most mysterious, action-packed and downright bizarre crew yet.

This sim is rated 18+ for violence, maturity, sexual content, swearing, and etc. We don't have a lot of rules about what you can or can't write. Just be respectful OOC and have fun with it.

Series (1): Episode/mission (1): Watch over me

A group of Starfleet misfits are gathered round by Starfleet Intelligence to form the fabled Tali Corps, named after Talien Jhene, the leader of this semi-rogue sect appointed by Starfleet admiralty.

Starfleet Intelligence wants Jhene to form a team designed to withstand the worst for the coming war, but little did they realize what they'd get. Amidst the chaos, Jhene seems to have an agenda all his own.

In this episode the crew of the Tali Corps are meeting eachother for the first time as Zane Keelan, the first of Jhene's choices, goes round to collect them up. They'll soon wonder what exactly they've gotten into now that they've accepted Jhene's proposition.

The Tali Corps are a proud member of the Band of Brothers

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» And, a hearty welcome.

Posted on Thursday February 16th, 2012 @ 10:23am by Captain Zane Keelan in Sim Announcement

Well, since there's really nobody here except me, let me give - uh - me, a warm and hearty welcome to Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Nechayev!

Master-at-arms, who will be my third in command. He is, for now, my second in command until we receive a Tactical Officer, who will then function in the supervisory role of First Officer.

P.S: Don't worry about the rank [[referred as major]] in the JP, Nechayev, he'll be promoted when he accepts the Tali Corps offer. I figured a promotion would be a good incentive for him not to kill Zane, lol.

» Hello everyone from your friendly cap'n!

Posted on Wednesday February 15th, 2012 @ 11:07pm by Captain Zane Keelan in Sim Announcement

Okay, so Zane's, uh - not so friendly, but I am! I just wanted to let you know that this sim is now completely fully operational and open for business. We already have one prospect lined up, a potential LT-COL marine-y sorta commando deal (Though, not lined in stone, but I'm hoping! ~Wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

So, as we are now officially open for business, I would like to personally welcome any and all character applications to set up and present! I'm going to, within the next day or so, get our first real mission started so that everybody can see what's lined up after we get all our crewmembers. But please keep in mind that we will not start this new mission until we have filled all of our spots. Though, we may proceed once we get: A medic, a tactical officer/sniper/master-at-arms/someone tactical-y, and an engineer just because it may be fun to also pick up new members along the way on our missions) But, this is just a seat-of-my-pants thing, so I'll let y'all know!

I also would like to add that this sim is in no way affiliated with any fleet, excepting the Band of Brothers who have graciously allowed us advertising space, thus you see their pretty lil banner on our main page. So, this means that as a sim, we are a free-for-all. This means that we are basically rated NC-17. Though not every message will be about sex, drugs, violence, gore, vore, and more! I'm just putting it out there that yes, you are allowed to write about anything and everything (but still remembering the structure of command) and that there are no limits when it comes to this sim.

So if you have any potential squicks, squeamishness, et al - please let me know in your USER BIO which can be accessed once you are signed up and all confirmed over here ~*~ This is also a nice way to let other players know what you will and will not roleplay. Such as, for myself, I'm not particularly fond of eating people. Therefore, vore would be listed under a squick that I would have. Squick just means things that turn you off, make you ill, or that trigger you in some way. Though, please keep in mind, as this is an NC-17 sim, you may see some of these things around.

Because we have such a wide variety of interesting characters, I'd also like to add that I have also opened up for business a new mission heading known as personal histories in which you may write solo posts about events occurring in your character's past pre-Tali.

Thanks y'all for listening and have a great day!

-Allisen AKA Captain Zane Keelan

Latest Mission Posts

» First Thing's First

Mission: Episode/mission (1): Watch over me
Posted on Friday February 17th, 2012 @ 3:17pm by Rear Admiral Volakis Rhinero & Commodore Talien tr'Jhene, khre'Riov & Captain Zane Keelan & Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Nechayev

Talien crossed into the threshold of Admiral Rhinero's office, PADD in hand, looking a little bit miffed. "I told you I was in charge of this operation," were the first words out of the Romulan's mouth. His long black hair was held behind his back in a plated warrior's braid,…

» Growing Older

Mission: Personal Histories
Posted on Wednesday February 15th, 2012 @ 11:19pm by Captain Zane Keelan

The name of the prison where Selah was kept was not known to him, but life there was arduous. To the Cardassians who ran the prison, the concept of food and drink as scarce was laughable. For them, it was shown off easily in languid, lavish banquets held visibly in…

» The Mark Of Training

Mission: Personal Histories
Posted on Wednesday February 15th, 2012 @ 11:18pm by Captain Zane Keelan


At the mark, out appeared from under a concrete-block median, the end of a phase-rifle and a small pair of thickly scarred hands to prepare it. The fingers, though marred, were deft as a series of elvers and chambers were pulled back, locked-and-loaded swiftly by their unseen owner, obscured…

» Systemic Education

Mission: Personal Histories
Posted on Wednesday February 15th, 2012 @ 11:16pm by Captain Zane Keelan

"Hei! Ko! Hlies!"

Selah was growing well. At each word out-struck a hand-fist-kick-turn against the leather pad held in his instructor's arms. This resulted in the beginning stages of the deadly dance of the martial art known only to high-ranking Cardassian militia as kon-te-resa.

At seven, Selah was growing strong.…

» Selah

Mission: Personal Histories
Posted on Wednesday February 15th, 2012 @ 11:14pm by Captain Zane Keelan


The order was barked in a crisp, unmistakably Cardassian military tone. The commander stood at the metal looming doorway that lead into an equally metallic one-room cell. It housed within a brown-haired, pale-skinned young boy.

Selah, the name he was called, simply meant "boy" in the Cardassian language. He…